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Blended learning

The Challenge

Transpower needed a consistent learning approach to teach non-power-engineers about power engineering and Transpower. New starters were finding it difficult to understand the complexity of the technical information and this was affecting their confidence and performance, as well as using valuable project time on explanations.

The Solution

The blended solution included a mix of facilitated and self-directed learning, with a strong focus on enabling learners to assess their own needs using online tests and quizzes. Self-study modules were produced to teach learners about transmission lines, substations, and cables. The workshop included animated simulations of the complex concepts and equipment that were designed to be understood by people without a technical background.

The Results

Voluntary uptake of the programme greatly surpassed the initial target. Kirkpatrick Level-4 business-outcome evaluation showed that the programme generated considerable financial savings for Transpower because new staff were able to perform better in their roles and complete their initial learning phase at a faster pace.

This programme won a Brandon Hall Bronze award in the Best Results of a Learning Program category in 2012.