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Inducting an international workforce

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the government agency charged with helping New Zealand businesses grow internationally.

The challenge:

Connecting a distributed workforce to one purpose

NZTE has an international workforce of customer managers, business development managers, market analysts, trade commissioners, and support staff. Induction. They wanted their online learning to connect better with their experienced knowledge workers, introducing new starters to NZTE’s strategy and purpose, values and culture, and key policies.  

Our solution: 

Meaningful activities and shared stories 

We replaced the cartoony surface-level fun of existing modules with meaningful online interactions, designed to create a deeper connection and lead to better conversations with managers and customers. We showcased videos of international team members sharing stories to bring concepts to life and build a sense of community. Values-based activities let learners select or add personal commitments and produce conversation guides to discuss with their leader. And practical topics like information security are made up of scenario-based activities that let learners apply what they already know and learn from mistakes.

The outcome: 

A One Global Team approach to learning

The successful approach continues to be applied to a growing suite of learning, reinforcing NZTE’s connection and purpose throughout online modules, animations, and virtual learning – forming a wider learning experience that connects their global team.