Wavelength - A Cognition Education Group Company

Blended approach to Community Education Resources

Social Ventures Australia (SVA) works with partners to alleviate disadvantage – towards an Australia where all people and communities thrive.

Wavelength was contracted by Social Ventures Australia to develop resources for a major Australian weekend newspaper. The content provided support for parents to support and enhance their children’s learning during their typical day-to-day interactions and activities. Wavelength developed practical evidence based guidance and fun activities for parents to engage in with their children from age 5 to 17. The content was also themed, with discussion and activities for parents and children at the pool, in the car, while shopping, in the kitchen, in the car, out exploring, and so on.

The project was a challenging one because our content needed to be appealing and accessible while being underpinned by research into what’s key in adults supporting children’s learning. We also had to ensure we covered some key areas (literacy, mathematics and science), all within a very tight timeframe. We delivered on time and to budget, and established strong and warm relationships with a very satisfied client.

“Great job on delivering all content to such a high quality in a short timeframe.”