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Asthma and Respiratory Foundation

Asthma education for parents and teachers

Asthma and Respiratory Foundation is a principle authority for all respiratory conditions, delivering education, research, and advocacy.

The challenge: Empowering parents and teachers to better manage asthma Asthma and Respiratory Foundation had a vision of arming parents, teachers, and families with the knowledge, understanding, and skills to successfully manage children’s asthma. This required a modern approach to provide access to as many caregivers as possible in a relevant and engaging way.

Our solution: Multimedia mobile-responsive digital guides We started by connecting with local families and schools to better understand their needs when supporting children with asthma. This resulted in  two distinct web portals, each tailored to the needs of the audience. For families and caregivers the learning experience is guided and rich with media  and reflection points. For schools the on-demand toolkit makes key information quickly accessible, while also providing teaching resources to include students in wider wellness discussions. Together, these materials provide multiple ways for parents and teachers to engage with key messages about asthma management.

The outcome: Both sites have been well received  and now serve as a core component of Asthma and Respiratory Foundation education offering. You can check out both resources here.