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Learning Hub

The Challenge

In 2015, we were approached by the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust to discuss the redevelopment of education materials on their website. As well as resources to support teachers and students, the site housed materials for the public, focusing on healthy choices and eating 5+ A Day fresh fruit and vegetables. Although the site contained good information, the intended audience for the site wasn’t clear. 5+ A Day wanted to develop a hub specifically for teachers and students: the go-to place for great information and resources to support classroom programmes.

The Solution

To ensure best outcomes and value for the client’s investment, we talked with a range of website users, reviewed 5+ A Day’s existing materials, and explored the Trust’s vision and messaging around healthy eating. We then conducted an online survey of schools to determine teachers’ current understandings and use of the materials on the existing website with their students. We also held a workshop with teachers to help understand current ‘best practice’ and knowledge of the 5+ A Day materials and to gather practical ideas for reworking the existing site content and creating new materials. It was clear from the survey and workshop that teachers wanted new materials to be on a dedicated site. From this collaborative discussion with users and the client, Cognition proposed a solution that included a different approach to presenting teacher and student materials, and the use of interactive elements to make the site more engaging for students and teachers.

The Results

This website with new interactive resources is aligned to The New Zealand Curriculum and crafted specifically for teachers, so materials will be easier for them to find and use with students. The resources will support the 5+ A Day vision of promoting awareness and an understanding of the importance of eating five or more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day for a healthy lifestyle, and getting the best out of our bodies for physical activity, learning, and daily life. As well as moving existing materials (ranging from ECE to secondary school) to the site, with new download and ordering capability, our solution included rethinking the 5+ A Day Growing and Learning materials, to include: – five inquiry-based modules, created so teachers can incorporate them into their programmes in a cross-curricular way – a range of colourful student materials to use with the modules – five eBooks with audio, based on the 5+ A Day character, Fredge. See the results at: https://5adayeducation.org.nz/