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Our Expertise

As passionate lifelong learners ourselves, we’re always excited by new challenges, and we’re always adding to our skill sets. Here are just a few examples of how you might use our experience and expertise to help your people succeed.


Induction training

Our clients have been progressively shifting away from the traditional induction workshop and are moving to e-learning and role-specific microsites.   At Wavelength we’ve found that a microsite accessible from your Intranet is a fantastic solution for new employees. It should contain everything the learner needs to know about their new role, and can link out to other systems where they can find policy and process information. It saves so much time and reduces the number of learning materials that need to be created and maintained.


Sales and industry training

Is your staff training engaging, challenging, relevant, and inspiring? It can be! You only have one shot to get attention and transfer crucial new knowledge to your staff.   At Wavelength, our expertise in education allows us to create smart design and relevant activities that enhance learning. Whether you choose a workshop, webinar, e-learning, or other digital experience, our Wavelength systems ensure your training will be a success.


Health and safety training

New health and safety laws have meant that every HR team in New Zealand is investing heavily in this area. E-learning is a fantastic solution for H&S training, especially if your workforce is dispersed or working out in the field where the risk of hazards is increased.   The way your employees want to experience training has changed. They are looking for more real life scenarios that enables better recall than information. From simple scenario-based case studies, videos and animations, a mobile app or implementing AR/VR, we can design a solution that not only complies with your regulatory requirements, but also teaches your teams how to keep safe in your workplace.


Compliance and policy training

Wavelength has built compliance and policy training for just about every area of legislation and workplace policy requirements.   We understand how important compliance is to your organisation and can advise on how to make compliance training a true learning experience – or simply how to get your learners through the learning and assessment quickly. Popular options range from an app with short activities (which can capture an audit trail), through to a blended approach.


Change management

At the start of a change project you may feel that your teams will need a huge amount of training. In reality, less is often best if a well-designed learning solution is supported by a targeted communications plan.   Change projects need to be designed to work with your people. Solutions should address how people are feeling about the change. We often recommend a mix of online communications and some face-to-face sessions if possible. Our team has experience working on change projects and are keen to work with you on your project.


Learning platforms

Learning management systems (LMS) are fast becoming an essential tool. Before choosing a LMS it’s important to understand what you want to use it for and what reporting you want from it. You need to consider how your users will engage with it, and how much money and time you want to spend managing it.   Some of our bigger clients want a LMS that will do much more than merely host and report on learning solutions. We also have a growing number of clients who don’t want the expense of a LMS but do want simple hosting and reporting services. Wavelength provides a LMS hosting and reporting service for a very affordable monthly fee.

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